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Afro Weave with Cut and Blow Dry

The salon offers a wide range of services and treatments in luxurious surroundings. Relax in the hands of our professional stylists. Let yourself drift away the daily grind of work.

The afro hair weave experts meticulously source real hair extensions to perfectly match your hair. Beautiful quality extensions made from human hair are applied to create the look desired by each individual client. We also have a unique removal system, which is the best-kept secret for many of our clients. Your dream of instant length and gorgeous volume, all at your fingertips.

The salon offers afro weave in a variety of lengths and colours, allowing for a fast change in style that’s unique to you.

Afro weaves are attached to your scalp and are intended for long-term use. There are a variety of methods that fall under the permanent hair extensions category, such as weaves, fusing, beading and more.

Professionals at the salon install afro weave, meaning they can’t be done at home. Although these types of extensions are considered permanent, the hair will continue to grow, so scheduled visits to keep your hair extensions looking fresh and feeling fabulous.

Looking for more “oomph” out of your hair extensions? Curled, straight, or wavy, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your extensions with the proper application and styling techniques.

It’s true that there are a lot of things that need to be considered when clients come into the salon seeking a afro weave haircut or blowdry. And while the cutting of the weave itself might feel like the main event, there are a lot of considerations needed to make sure you get the best cut for you.

Having a weave haircut without a blow dry is like driving a car in the dark without headlights – you’re not seeing as much as you need to see. During a blow dry, it becomes obvious where the hair needs to be cleaned up after a cut and where the growth patterns of the hair could potentially distort the shape down the road.

Evaluating the hair and making these changes is called customizing the cut – something that can only be done after a proper blow dry. By identifying and correcting the challenges you will have styling your hair at home, we turn a decent haircut of weave into a great haircut.