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Indulge in Serenity & Shine from Head to Toe

Full Set – Pink & White

Using tips, pink and white acrylic. We will create a set of permanently French Manicured nails for a crisp, classic look. A great option for clients who want a simple yet beautiful look for their nails, this service can correct and camouflage a variety of nail flaws. These nails are so beautiful you wouldn’t even want to wear polish, your cuticle will be tended too and your hands will e moisturized.

Upon obtaining a Pink & White full set for the first time, our manicurist will give you the option of adding a white or clear tip for length. A white plastic tip is the easiest way to go, while clear tips require a white powder or polish sculpted on top of it. Experts follow the standard step-by-step process to getting perfect Pink & White nails. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. We always want you to have the best nails and values of our services.

The highly trained aesthetician will prepare your nails by removing any previous nail polish and then will sanitize your nails. They will trim and shape your nails using a nail file. Taking an orangewood and gently push back the cuticles. Then taking the nail buffer and gently remove the shine on the surface to help the adhesion. Sparingly nail primer will be applied to the nails.

The aesthetician will dip the brush in acrylic liquid and only then into the acrylic powder to form a ball. This ball will be placed on your nail’s base and carefully flatten it with the brush, spreading it all over the nail, moving the brush from the base towards the tip.

Finally, the nails will be shaped and painted pink and white as you desired.