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Half Arms Waxing

Similar to the Full Arm Wax, the Half Arm Wax is a service for those that only require hair removal from just below the elbow to the wrists or from the elbow to the shoulders.

Experts at the salon can remove unwanted arm hair gently, safely and quickly, and are very excellent at what they do. By using premium products to leave the skin feeling soft and silky.

So regardless of what body part you want waxed; the trained estheticians will make it happen.

The salon’s  half arm waxing services are for those of  who have hair on part of arms that they want to get rid of. The esthetician applies  wax formula to both arms, from the shoulder to the elbow, or both arms from the elbow to the wrist inclusive of both hands – depends on client’s choice.

By waxing half arms, the hair is completely pulled out from its very roots to give a smooth and soft skin. The technology used in wax is unique, filled with essential vitamins and exfoliating agents.

After this waxing treatment, one can stop wearing all those long-sleeved tops.

What Wax is used?

For waxing on any body part, the salon uses signature Gold Wax. It’s awesome at getting that perfect result! The experts don’t need to turn the heat up either as it melts very easily. It’s smooth, glittery and picks up even the little hairs!