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Nose Wax

Nose hair is a natural part of the human body that serves as a defense system. Nasal hair keeps harmful debris out of the body system and maintains moisture in the air we breathe.

Blood vessels in the nose and face are extra dense. In the nose, they support hair growth.

The salon uses a nasal wax product has been designed to remove only the hair inside the edge of the nostril. Results can last up to four weeks.

This lasts longer because waxing doesn’t just cut the hair shorter. Instead, it removes the whole hair shaft from below the skin line.

If you’re plagued by nose hairs, come for a confidence boost and a nose wax hair removal from one of our aestheticians. We will remove those irritating hairs and eliminate your need to tweeze.

After your wax, the hairs will grow back finer and easier to remove every time. We think you’ll be hooked! If you are looking for nose waxing, stop by our convenient location.