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Sideburns Bleaching

Bleaching sideburns can be an easy and painless way to disguise your sideburns—that is, if it is done correctly. Experts at the salon make sure to choose a bleach designed to be used on your face.

Bleaching is a term which is very often used with a feeling of anxiety. There are many myths associated with it like it is not safe and it can give birth to rashes and redness. But our salon has deep respect for clients and the safety of your skin is our top priority. Due to this reason we strictly use herbal products for Bleaching.

We use Fruit Extracts which are very tender on the skin. They help your skin to retain moisture and keep it young and prevent aging. As a result, the skin feels hydrated, soft and radiant.

Face Bleaching cream is used to lighten the facial hair and match it up with the colour of your skin. This way the skin looks fairer. We have different types of bleaching creams to suit your skin like Gold Bleach, Diamond Bleach, Pearl Bleach and Fruit Bleach etc.  You can be assured that we work to beatify the skin not harm it!