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Take of Weave+Wash+Blow Dry

Wearing a weave or extensions in your hair can give you the volume and length you long for. But you’ll need to take extra care to make sure they don’t break your hair or pull it out.

Get your hair in good shape before adding extensions. Take a break from the weakening chemicals in curl relaxers or dyes to get a head start in avoiding breakage.

Weave take off is a service we commonly provide at our salon.  To reduce the chances of damaging your natural hair or hair loss, it’s recommended a trained stylist remove your weaves.

With sew-in weaves removal, it’s particularly important not to be harsh during the process.  The hair dresser at the salon will find the thread and snip out the particular weave. Once cut, the hair will be carefully pulled out, leaving the natural hair in place. After the procedure has been repeated several times, a special comb will be used to detangle strands. Conditioning your hair after the weave extension is removed will bring about softness, including body.

When micro link/ring weaves have outgrown, it’s necessary to remove them with a special set of pliers as well as ring remover.  This can be a relatively easy going process, but requires patience. The stylist at the salon will evaluate hair to locate each of the rings that were once applied. It’s crucial that you do not pull or yank out the old extension on your own as this can cause problems on the scalp. Allow our salon professional to gently detach the rings. Once gone we can thoroughly wash the hair to leave it clean.

Removing fusion hair weave requires utilizing a special bond remover between strands of hair. Having our salon professional take out the old weave with a wide toothed brush is essential for preventing hair damage. Afterwards, we will revive your natural locks with high quality shampoo and conditioner. Yes, the process can be time consuming but well worth it for glued in weaves.

After removing of the weaves from hair. The process takes between one and two hours and finishes with a blowout and wash in order to ensure the hair are evened out to perfection.