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Indulge in Serenity & Shine from Head to Toe


Eyebrow Tidy

Eyebrow Tidy is the secret to defining and framing your face. Beautifully sculpted brows don’t come naturally, however, with a professional brow therapist you can achieve the eyebrows you’ve always wanted. Your brow tiding is performed by one of the senior beauty therapists and includes an eyebrow style consultation, wax and brow alignment, colour correction tint and light eye makeup application to remove the tell-tale signs of your treatment. Over plucked? We can help you achieve a fuller brow by applying growth serums and committing your eyebrows to achieve that fuller brow you’ve always wanted. Read More

Eyebrow Shaping

Want great eyebrows, but without the pain of waxing and plucking? Eyebrow threading is the pain-free solution that can give you the results you’re after. The salon offers eyebrow shaping to give you the best-looking brows you have ever had; guaranteed to be pain-free. Experts use the technique of threading to shape and design the eyebrows exactly how you want. By using a cotton thread, we apply a twisting motion, lifting unwanted hairs away. By using this technique, we do not have to apply any wax and the results are more effective than traditional hair removal applications. You are left with perfect-looking brows. Read More

Men Eyebrow Threading

Although eyebrow threading may sound confusing and daunting, it’s a surprisingly simple way to remove unwanted hair from a sensitive area. The traditional method works by using small, twisted cotton threads to catch and pull out hairs in a smooth, straight line. This process allows for more control and precision than waxing and is usually less painful. This method is ideal for gents who prefer a particular grooming routine. Threading eyebrows are ideal for gents who only need to remove minimal hair and value an exact finish. If you select this method, you will have the natural shape of your brows. Read More

Upper-Lips Threading

Tweezing upper lip hair is not only painful, but also inconvenient! Fortunately, upper lip threading solves this problem by gently removing multiple hairs at once. Our salon has experts in this technique and can remove unwanted upper lip hairs gently, safely and quickly. Threading doesn’t stretch, pull, tug on, or peel off a layer of skin, which prevents early wrinkles! The specialized threading techniques by using facial cotton thread are the perfect way to remove unwanted hair from the upper lip part of your skin and leave the skin feeling soft and silky. This gentle technique doesn’t tug on which prevents premature wrinkles! Read More

Sideburns Threading

The Sideburns threading service is refers to the removing a strip of hair grown at each side of the face in front of ears. This may consist of threading in diagonal motion at upward and downward direction, but not quite vertical. The modern woman prefers to remove this thick straggly hair growth at the follicle level and remove all signs of dark and thick hair roots. Experts at the salon have expertise in removal of unwanted sideburns hairs gently and smoothly which gives an instant face look of glowy, silky and smooth to the touch skin. For further details please contact the salon’s team members. Read More

Full Face Threading

Our threading service is designed to smooth and remove unwanted hairs from your skin. The full face threading removes all unwanted hairs from your face. It gives a perfect appearance to your eyebrows and makes your skin glowy. And it also allows for a more defined and precise facial look. Update your look with full face threading at our salon. We have expert who perform quick, gentle and as painless as possible threading to remove unwanted facial hairs from your skin and give your eyebrows beautifully defined shape. Full face threading is one of the most requested services at the salon. Read More

Forehead Threading

For a clean and fine look, Eyebrow and Forehead threading usually goes hand in hand. It gives your brows the precise and defined look that you’re looking for, experience the forehead threading service at our salon this season. It is less time consuming and more effective than waxing and any other method of hair removal. Forehead threading is advisable as it pick up the finest or the tiniest hairs from your forehead which might get missed if done with waxing. Give your skin a smooth and silky appearance by forehead threading as threading is natural, affordable, free from rashes, long lasting and minimal in pain. Read More

Chin Threading

Chin threading is extremely common nowadays. Generally females prefer getting completely removed unwanted chin hairs as chin looks abnormal with hairs. The chin threading is high on the list or commonly threaded areas. People often remove their chin hairs to get smooth and silky facial appearance. Using a polyester thread in a right direction can remove finest hair growth naturally without leaving and mark, scratches or risk for premature wrinkles. Chin threading at our salon is very affordable, gentle and painless way of removing chin hairs. We have bonafide threading experts who can help attain your dream look. Read More