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Waxing Ladies 3/4 Legs

Similar to receiving a full leg wax and half leg wax, some clients may also choose to only wax the 3/4 area of legs that is from lower legs till half of the thighs.

3/4 legs waxing has always been the most preferred option to remove the unwanted hair from  only the lower half of the legs to the half of the thighs, because it is less time taking and easy to get done.

Waxing legs at the salon is a procedure where a unique technology of waxing is used to reduce the pain in the process of hair removal by hindering the hair growth.

One can experience the best of 3/4 legs waxing with an ultimate finish of smooth, baby-soft skin.

The salon has a relaxing atmosphere and  possess expertise to make sure the clients have waxing treatments comforting!  For a flawless appearance, come to the salon to experience best waxing services.

The specialized waxing options are the perfect way to accompany any salon packages.

Unlike shaving, waxing removes the entire hair, which with consistent waxing, may take up to four weeks to grow back. Hair that has been shaved may grow back feeling coarse and looking darker.

Hair that grows back after waxing often feels softer than it did before. If customers have any additional questions on the waxing treatments please contact the salon’s team member for detailed information.